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Multidimensional Nucleotide Links, or Karma in Action

Multidimensional nucleotide links represent a fundamental issue that should be approached first and foremost from an understanding of the brain. But as long as we try to think using equal categories, i.e., stereotypes, we have an equal concept in this matter.

Perhaps the studies of biochemist Aziz Sancar can be of interest to us here, as he may have come the closest to understanding the idea that DNA can be changed. But he was so engrossed in the DNA repair base that, in my opinion, he simply passed right by this concept. In fact, he proved the influence of light on DNA, which perfectly correlates with the influence of a certain brain frequency on DNA. In other words, he never noted the subject per se, and did not demonstrate the method or produce any laboratory studies in this area.

But the proof of what I am discussing lies in that area alone. In reality, whether we like it or not, we can change our DNA on our own, which is the most interesting part. In addition, our body can in any event do a lot of things independently. It might be complicated, but it is free, or relatively free. In general, Sancar is a great scientist, and that is that (the truth, in my opinion, is that he deserves the Nobel Prize more than the other two colleagues he had to share it with). In general, here we should understand the nature of multidimensional nucleotide links, but from a different angle.

Each nucleotide is a three-dimensional basic compound consisting of energy described by biochemical reactions. There are a total of three, and each is responsible for its own energy spectrum. The first one is related to pH, the second to transportation via food, and the third to the air. Or rather, sugar, nitrogen and phosphate. Everything is mixed in a typical mechanism, but in reality, this is an isometric plan.

Многомерные звенья нуклеотидов, или карма в действииIf we do not understand the plan, we will not be able to understand the direction, and everything becomes crude and conditional. If we had five active nucleotide compounds, that is one thing, and if there were eight, that is another. But instead we have 13 groups of nucleotide bonds, a portion of which are beyond our subordination, and sooner or later they come into balance and form complex diseases (e.g. cancer). The problem with cancer is that DNA does not assimilate certain nucleotide groups.

Thus, the composition of nucleic acids allows us to determine which field a person is on, and in what direction or influence, respectively:

  • adenine (A);
  • guanine (G);
  • cytosine (C);
  • thymine (T).

A perfect human molecule consists of 12 nucleotides. Or maybe more? Yes, perhaps, and this means that human nature comes equipped with superhuman parameters. But even that does not help if consciousness does not come into contact with the entire DNA structure, which in fact hides from us our true capabilities.

Much of what I am writing about and discussing is science fiction for most people. However, science itself has also already made its way to these concepts, but there are certain requirements for the brain of those who reach this point: there are both parent and daughter DNA strands with different exertion potentials. And if a strand is tied to the brain’s exertion potential, that is different than if, for example, it is tied to the bone marrow exertion potential. And what are nucleotides? They are a degradation of the organism’s functioning from birth, when one strand begins to move upon the other. That is it say, the realization of karma in action. Thus, if we state that DNA protects the stability of the human genome, we only serve to delude macrocosmic processes.

© Oleg Cherne