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It is Possible to Change DNA

nakormi dnkJudging by the way present-day research on altering DNA is carried out, it can be said that practical change is not part of the foreseeable future. However, what is currently being done is already a positive step towards justifying the fact that DNA can indeed be modified. As exemplified by chemotherapy, we can see that it is possible to destroy a malignant cell, but at the same time we also destroy the focus of its support. And where is that located? In the head!

This is quite interesting. It turns out that the brain starts to create a different construction without coming into contact with the DNA, which is another story altogether. What happens during chemotherapy? First and foremost, brain cells are destroyed that deprive cancer cells of support. That is, in one way or another, cancer acts as a violation of the agreement between the brain and DNA. Thus, everything depends on the power of the brain. If the brain stands strong, the patient remains alive, and if it does not — the patient dies.

The issue is then in the enzymes and secretions also managed by the brain. In fact, if the brain is not bound to the internal processes of the body, it starts to create them by itself (if the DNA itself, of course, is already embedded with highly active chains we do not use). And as it turns out, the ancient art of Taoist alchemy is an almost perfect science for humans as such. This can include, for example, Zen Buddhism or Tibetan and Himalayan yoga, which are also aimed at rejoining consciousness with the DNA molecule. This finds particular emphasis in the work of English biochemist Joseph Needham, who was a student of Chinese alchemy.

It is important for us that the brain always has a biochemical purpose; this is a part or perhaps the most important form of how it functions. If the brain is for some reason turned off or does not have the ability to process higher chains, they are transferred to the subordination of RNA, forcing the brain to merely «serve» proteins, in a sense, and inducing it to find its role in the process of creating cancer cells. Or the brain is destroyed, as is the case with Alzheimer’s disease.

In such cases, one can bang their head against the wall as much as they like, but they are powerless to act, as the brain, disconnected from its tasks of internal construction, has started to reformat. This means that the brain itself creates this disease, and no one impedes it from working in this way. Of course, more attention can be paid at an early stage, but then what feeds the disease needs to be found, and for that, the doctor must understand what we discuss as the relationship between the human brain and DNA, and not just read about how this is impossible.

In general, we should be clutching at our heads when they are in working order, and not when they are switched off. We should be looking at the brain not just from a biochemical perspective, but alchemically, i.e. offering it other experience and strength. In fact, this is exactly what science is dealing with as well. Alchemists primarily work on the brain’s strength, and do not gather endless information that undermines the brain.

In the end, Dr. Statnikov’s method proves this very fact. He proposes to immerse a person in experiences, where the main task is to work on the brain’s strength. Of course, he does not call it alchemy, but in reality his approach is the fundamental school for any alchemist. The first task is to concentrate the brain, and then immerse yourself in experience with a properly configured brain. In fact, DNA can be tested only for frequencies of a higher level, which the brain can indeed give off — of course, if the corresponding schemes are built into the DNA.

But this gives rise to the question of whether it is possible to influence chains to perform higher functions. This is a difficult question, as many RNA dependencies must be turned off, which must be done gently and gradually.

At the same time, we need to understand brain nutrition, which is built on the ultraviolet photon creation scheme. This photon is capable of forming new chemical bonds on the basis of higher-vibration energy. This is the very essence of what radiation therapy is built on, where exposure to radiation is substituted for high-frequency brain functions.

However, this is reminiscent of a young archer trying to hit a target 50 meters away — maybe he will hit it, maybe not. But the question is not in hitting itself, but how the brain will handle this hit. The brain must have a certain background (like the radiation background, for example), and then our DNA will not only meet the particles living in us, but also assimilate them as well.

It is interesting that the Japanese are the most concentrated nation on Earth. They are more exposed to radiation, yet they have the longest life expectancy. We are told that they eat fresh food, but they eat products, which are more affected by radiation in comparison with the food of other peoples. Where does their resistance come from? In reality, they simply have a brain that is properly configured to their DNA.

The fact that is interesting for us is that not all of them are born with perfect DNA, which means that their concentrated lifestyle improves, and more importantly, alters their DNA. But this all occurs at the fascinating micro-level. Naturally, each person is given by nature a certain amount of energy for a certain life expectancy. Everybody is trying to live longer, but first you need to change your DNA. There are two conditions to living a long life. The first is given by nature, and the second is changed DNA. We can see how DNA changes through the example of the Japanese. Everything else is just business and misunderstanding.

But if the Japanese are taught how to use the operating system preserved for them by nature, do you imagine what the result would be? It might take ten years to bring the brain strength of an ordinary person in line with the brain of a Japanese person, provided that such work can even be done in the first place, as it depends entirely on the individual. And the Japanese already have a foundation!

However, it should be noted that the physical notion of concentration is inherent to all Asian cultures due to their hieroglyphic languages. Here, we could refer to ancient times when the magnetic field did not protect people from radiation, and the population lived with it normally. This was even necessary, as consciousness and, if you like, the brain, was considered in many cultures as a separate body through which the spirit left to live on further. But even through the outwardly esoteric nature of this subject, we can still find enough physical justifications here. But they are not even really needed today, as in order to process knowledge and experiences, people need to change the way they think, and desire alone is not enough to accomplish this.

Thus, the question is whether the magnetic field protects us from radiation, or prevents our consciousness from living in a field of higher frequency vibrations. And what is more interesting for me, the very art of feeding the brain by how we think.

© Oleg Cherne